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Spiral and Oval Pipe Flange Connectors

HFC Enterprises’ team of experienced and expert designers and team members have produced premium quality Spiral and Oval Pipe Flange Connectors products that assists our clients in maximizing their efficiency. We are continuously working on new product designs to make the labor-intensive HVAC industry more efficient. HFC is committed to providing you with new innovative products and excellent service for an affordable price such as DuraFlange.

DuraFlange is an efficient, rigid and lightweight oval and round duct connector and closure ring designed to minimize installation times and maximize the efficiency of an HVAC System. The rigid design of our duct connector reinforces even the lightest gauge spiral pipe by increasing the structural integrity of the duct section, and making it easy to handle and install.

The patented DuraFlange design incorporates a wire rod into the outside perimeter of the flange for additional rigidity, making it ideal for oval and large size round ductwork. SMACNA encourages the use and development of new HVAC technology and components. According to a study conducted by a certified structural engineer, per SMACNA 2005 Duct Construction Manual and Guidelines, the DuraFlange small profile has an Ei reinforcement rating of 43 equal to 1 ½ x 1 ½ x 3/16 reinforcement angle iron, and the large profiles has an Ei Reinforcement Rating of 90 equal to 2 x 2 x 3/16 Reinforcement Angle Iron.

Don’t let your pipes collapse! HFC Enterprises carries quality products for the longevity of your pipes. We have created the most rigid pipe connector on the market! DuraFlange has the potential to revolutionize your business. Call us today for more information and specifications.

Our premium quality products consist of:
  • Spiral Pipe Connector
  • Spiral Pipe Flange (System)
  • Oval Duct Connector
  • Oval Duct Flange
  • Spiral Duct Flange
  • DuraFlange
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